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Join us at LeTip of Montclair and experience the power of networking for business growth. Let's Connect and Grow together with our dynamic community of local professionals!

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Are you a business professional looking to expand your network and make valuable connections in Montclair, NJ?

Look no further than LeTip of Montclair.

Our business networking group provides a platform for local professionals to connect, exchange referrals, and grow their businesses.

Join us and take advantage of the opportunity to build meaningful relationships and boost your professional success.

Business Networking Services

Business to Business (B2B) Strategic Networking Events

We organize and manage local networking events to help businesses connect and collaborate effectively. We proudly support all small and medium sized businesses for the greater Essex County and regions of New Jersey.

Weekly Professional Development Workshops

We conduct workshops with trusted professionals from various industries to develop targeted strategies, providing clarity and relevance for your business needs.

Industry-Specific Networking Groups

We also facilitate specialized networking groups to bring together business professionals from the same industry for targeted collaboration and support.

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Unique Networking Platform

Our hybrid networking platform provides both a virtual and live platform for Montclair and greater Essex County, NJ businesses to connect, collaborate, and grow. With user-friendly features and regular updates, this platform offers an effective way to expand your professional network and discover new opportunities. 

Why work harder when you can work smarter?

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Business Referral Program

Our business referral program connects local businesses in Montclair, NJ to a network of potential clients and partners. By participating in our program, businesses can increase their visibility and revenue through trusted referrals and recommendations from fellow members.

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Business Connection Consultation

Unlock new business opportunities and enhance your network through personalized consultations. Our experts will analyze your business needs and provide tailored recommendations while helping you to build valuable connections.

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Building a N.J. Strong Supportive Network.

Networking Event Promotion

If you're starting or expanding your business, our experienced team can assist you seamlessly while you remain in control.

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Building a lasting legacy while forming meaningful connections deepens business opportunities while increasing revenue, comraderie, and reach for your business.

About us

LeTip of Montclair is a leading business networking organization based in Montclair, NJ for over 20 years.

We are dedicated to connecting professionals and fostering meaningful relationships that drive business growth.

With a strong focus on building a supportive community, LeTip of Montclair provides a platform for professionals to exchange quality business leads, share industry insights, and collaborate for mutual success.

Our members represent a diverse range of industries and expertise, creating a dynamic network that enables businesses to thrive in today's competitive market.

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